Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Complete Kirby Horoscope

I've noticed that people who play Kirby Super Star (including myself!) tend to stick like glue to a power and identify with it. So, just for fun, I wrote up the KIRBY HOROSCOPE--an analysis of your personality based on your favorite power. I tried to be specific, so this won't work for everyone, but I have heard from some of my friends that it's surprisingly accurate.

Mirror: Flair - magic - the desire to impress. There are certain things you know a lot about, and boy, do you love showing that off. When people step onto your turf, you love to talk circles around them, whether to impress or intimidate them. People may be a little wary of you because of this, but you love making friends, so if they trust you then they can expect someone who will always come to their side. You get along well with Wheel types, and sometimes other Mirror types, unless they challenge your dominance!

Hammer: Power - simplicity - completion. You enjoy simple solutions to complex problems. You get nervous when things look overly complicated or need a subtle touch, and you doubt yourself in those situations, but when it's your area of expertise, there's no one better. You're very tool-oriented and mechanical, and you like it best when things click nicely into place. You get along well with Stone and Suplex. 

Wheel: Speed - aggression - adventure. Vroom, vroom! You zoom right into people's views, hearts, and personal space. Some people are really intimidated by a person like that, but here's the good news: nobody ever forgets you, and if you run into another person like you, you're gonna bond together thick as thieves. You love other Wheel types, Mirror types, and sometimes Yo-Yo types, though their pickiness sometimes frustrates you.

Suplex: Intimacy - conflict - warmth. You like to get really personal with the people you know, in both positive and negative ways.  You stay back from them a little bit, dancing around each other verbally until things open up and you become closer. You like your friends to be as accomplished as you are, and thrive on a good rivalry. You get along well with other Suplex types, Stone types, and you admire Beam types.

Yo-Yo: Athleticism - consideration - confidence. Like Mirror types, you also have a tendency to show off, but when things turn away from your comfort zone, you retreat quickly. You can talk the talk, and to an extent you can walk the walk, but you're very selective with your battles. Fortunately, this also ensures that you win most of those battles, and so people find you pretty reliable. You like hanging around with Mirror and Wheel types, but when you pull back, you prefer the company of Beam.

Beam: Straightforwardness - insight - quiet. It's not that you aren't confident; you simply choose not to say a lot, most of the time. But when you do, it's very insightful, and people find you a good judge of character or of a situation. You have a lot of general knowledge, and know some things more than others, but you lack specialization. You get along very well with Cutter types. 

Sword: Symbolism - history - a role to play. Maybe it's stereotypical to call Sword types "hero types," but you do think in grandiose terms. You have a set image of yourself that you want to live up to, and your ultimate ambitions are never far from your mind. You think about yourself a lot, but you also think about your place in the world, the people you know, and the way you want to be perceived. You strive to get along well with everyone, but you especially admire Stone and Plasma types.

Stone: Solidity - planning - comfort. Like your namesake, you're solid and dependable. You may not be as colorful as your friends, but you're always there when they need someone to talk to or ask advice from, and you enjoy comforting them when they need it. You also plan well, although your time management sometimes gets out of hand. You get along well with Plasma. 

Plasma: Spirituality - thought - flux. Whatever bad things happen to you, you brush them away--or more accurately, it just doesn't seem to affect you very much. You float above misfortune effortlessly, and although people offer you their condolences, you smile and tell them it's not all that bad. You're able to weather life's slings and arrows marvelously, but when something gets to you, you feel lost and don't know what to do. To that effect, you keep yourself moving and active. You get along well with Stone types.

Cutter: Wit - intellect - specialization. You pride yourself on always having a cutting word or insult to say, which can make you everyone's best friend or worst enemy depending on the situation. Like Hammer types, you're focused heavily on having the right solution to the situation at hand, but if you don't already have it, then you won't stop until you get it. You also enjoy the company of Beam types, and you make a good team.

Jet: Motion - force - freedom. You hate being tied down, but you also hate being separated from people you love. If word of their hardship ever reaches your ears, you drop whatever you're doing and rush to the rescue! Unfortunately, you don't often stop along the way to make sure you're hearing every side of the story, so this sometimes gets you into trouble. Because of that, it's good to make friends with a Suplex or Stone type to keep you grounded. 

Wing: Traditionalism - ambition - kindness. Despite being a flying creature, you prefer to keep yourself firmly on the ground, where you know what to expect. But when the situation calls for it, you can take wing with the best of them! You know when to use your talents and when to hold back and let other people take center stage. You like Beam types and Sword types.

Cook: Synthesis - creativity - experimentation. You make the most out of your friends, and I don't mean that in a cannibalistic way. You're an excellent judge of character, and because of that, you make a good manager and director. You get very embarrassed when you make a mistake, but you suck it up and remember to avoid it next time. You like Paint and Mic types, because you love collaboration.

Parasol: ease - luck - dreams. You drift through the world with nary a care. Like Plasma, you tend to shrug off bad things that happen to you; unfortunately, much of the time these are your own fault, and so you fear stagnation. You spend a lot of time dreaming, so your time management skills often suffer, but when things are down to the wire, you find a way to make them turn out all right. Although you are subject to the winds and forces of nature, you're very lucky and can take care of yourself. You get along well with Sleep types, and easygoing, creative types such as Cook or Mirror. 

Mike: loudness - attention - principles. Most of the time you don't command the spotlight, but boy, when you do, you really don't let anyone get away. When something hits you just right and gets your dander up, you absolutely don't let up until that wrong is righted! You have a strong sense of justice and fight for your friends, so you immediately bond with Jet types, and you love to have some fun with Wheels. 

Paint: color - messiness - action. Oh boy. You're prone to sudden fits of inspiration, which can be rare--so when they strike, you put everything down and devote all your energy to it. When you're in the zone, you can't stand it if anyone tries to take you out of it. Sometimes this strains your relationships, but when you're not hard at work, you're easy to get along with. You respect Cook types for being creative, but you also resent any attempt to control you, so you prefer the company of more subdued people like Wing or Beam.

Crash: unpredictability - calmness - sudden explosion. Crash is a power of severe contrast and unpredictability. Like Mike, when something gets to you, you'll call down the wrath of God to get it to go your way, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, this means you have an incredible temper, and many people steer clear of you. It's good to make friends with a Stone or Plasma type--someone with a good sense of judgment.

Ninja: stealth - examination - economy. You love to watch people and find out what makes them tick. This means you have the potential to be their best friend or worst enemy, which is something you have in common with Cutter, but unlike Cutter, you tend to keep most of your observations to yourself. Instead of helping others out all the time, you prefer to give them a push here or there so they can strengthen themselves. You get along well with Wing or Suplex types.

Ice: beauty - coldness - withdrawal. You love beautiful things, and you can articulate why they're beautiful, too. You're very accomplished and refined, but you also don't have a lot of tolerance for people you have to explain things to. You don't mind being a bit of a teacher, but if it goes too far, then you turn around and pull back. You don't like having your time wasted. You get along well with Cutter, Paint, and have a fondness for Copy. 

Fire: involvement - emotion - energy. You're always active. You have a lot of energy and forcefulness, so you tend to throw all of yourself into whatever you're doing. This means you can easily overwork yourself, though, so it's important to take time out and recharge yourself when you need to. To that end, you should get along well with easygoing types like Parasol and Hammer. 

Copy: reflection - codependence - mimicry. You live for other people. Like Ninja, you're excellent at observation, but instead of being very mental about it, you (consciously or unconsciously) act like them and reflect their own personalities back at them. Perhaps this is a result of you feeling you lack character, or maybe it's just something you enjoy. In any case, this means you create rapport very quickly with some people, but for others, it means conversations go nowhere. You get along well with Ice and Mirror types.

Fighter: discipline - inspiration - control. When things don't go your way, you're quick to blame yourself instead of other people or outside factors. You're very into control, and you feel that if you can control yourself, discipline yourself and work harder, you can do anything you want. Try not to be too hard on yourself, though. You get along very well with Suplex types, since you love a good challenge.

Sleep: insulation - restoration - deliberation. You're very concerned with taking care of yourself. You're very risk-averse and a creature of habit. That's not to say you're no fun, of course--it just means that you enjoy routine and stay firmly inside of your comfort zone. You tend not to be very nosy and don't like to butt into other people's lives, but you enjoy it when people come to visit you. You get along well with Yo-Yo and Parasol.

Bomb: playful aggression - enthusiasm - joy. You love your friends. You really, really love your friends, and the way you express that affection can get pretty rough! You're very physical and active, and maybe you have a wicked sense of humor, too, but you can get serious when you need to, and if you ever truly hurt someone then you feel awful about it. You get along best with people who can give it right back to you, so stick around Wheel and Cutter types and you'll have a great time. 


  1. First, how did I not know until today that you have a blog? (I found out about it via the Chic Pixel blog, BTW.) It's great, BTW -- keep it up!

    Second, I loooooove this post! I'm hardly the world's biggest Kirby fan -- mostly because I've only played one of his games (Kirby's Epic Yarn, which is absolutely loved) -- but that doesn't mean I don't love the little guy. He's so ... expressive!

    You're horoscopic write-ups are wonderful, by the way. I chose "cook," and I love the first line you came up with for that one: "You make the most out of your friends, and I don't mean that in a cannibalistic way." Ha!

  2. Thanks! I actually have a bunch of blogs, haha. I use this one for my video game writing and analysis. I'm glad you enjoy it!

    Epic Yarn is really good stuff, I need to get back to it. I would also recommend Super Star (which is probably one of the best co-op games ever made) and Adventure, which I've actually written a Design and Color analysis of because it's so gorgeous looking.

    Thanks again!

  3. OK, I'm off to read this Design and Color analysis of Kirby's Adventure, since I have to admit I'm quickly becoming interested in this series.

    Before I go, though, what do you think of Super Star Ultra for the DS? Is it worth picking up?

  4. I actually haven't played it yet! I've heard really awesome things about it from my buddy though. It seems like it's pretty close to the original (with some extra bosses and whatnot), so I say go for it!

  5. I may just do that, Pauli. First, though, I want to acquire a boxed copy of the Famicom version of Adventure and also a copy of the GBA remake. I already bought Adventure via the Wii VC, but I really want a physical copy of it, too :)

  6. asked all my friends what their two favorite powers were; this was creepily accurate. pauli are you a gypsy or ESPer.