Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mapstalgia: Silhouette Mirage

Silhouette Mirage, the first world: Shamain.

I recently came across a site called Mapstalgia, where people can submit their hand-drawn video game maps from memory. I decided to submit my own! (Taped together because it was longer than I thought it would be.) Here are my comments on it:

This is the first world, Shamain, from the PSX/Sega Saturn action game Silhouette Mirage. It was the first game released in 2000, and I was ten years old when I played it. It's still an incredible game, and I've played it so many times that I wanted to take a stab and see if I remembered the layout of the beginning. 
The main character has the ability to dash using her winged hat, so she's able to scale curved surfaces like the ones in the map. Doing this allows the player to get to a secret shop in the second part of the level, and in part 3 (which I forgot to label; it's the upper-rightmost part, after you come out of the underground), you can access another secret shop by dashing and triple-jumping over the boss arena.
I know I'm definitely forgetting some details here. I've probably condensed some areas that were enemy-only screens, because the loops and up-and-down travel are the part I remember most about this level.

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